WHAT'S the future of the pharmacy?


Featured in PSFK's Future of Retail, this vision of CVS turns the pharmacy into a true health ecosystem.

Think data-driven experiences and a physical space that extends into always-on wellness.


The store is arranged around people, not products, and brings experts out from behind the counter to encourage conversation.


Personal data powers services like an in-store smoothie bar that incorporates custom supplements.


Applying behavioral economics, CVS supports people's health goals through rewards and recommendations. 


The pharmacy becomes a health companion that extends into everyday life.


Real-time biometric data prompts suggestions like a post-run care package.


A custom subscription service sends products based on behavior and anticipated needs.


Technology acts in service of human connection, allowing seamless shifts from in-person to on-the-go interactions.


Building the experience around the wellness journey, rather than stores and products, gives CVS a lasting, meaningful role in people's lives.



Full contents in the PSFK Future of Retail report.