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I help change how brands are experienced


My work includes helping the MoMA change how they do things, turning Showtime's Dexter into a living story that has since been studied in universities, and developing an innovation ecosystem for CVS, presented at the PSFK Future of Retail conference.

I'm what some call a creative hybrid. I combine writing with experience design and business strategy, building on a career of nearly a decade in advertising and innovation consulting.

I've taught at Miami Ad School and organized TEDxDumbo: City2.0, one of more than 60 simultaneous global events discussing the future of our cities. 

Based in New York, I keep a travel bag packed.





YouTube, MoMA, Land Rover, Showtime, TOMS, Cadillac, Dell, MetLife, US Olympic Committee, E! Entertainment



Where I've worked


Co: Collective (latest)



Modernista! Boston





Speaker at PSFK: Future of Retail conference

One Show Interactive

Cannes Shortlist Best Scriptwriting

London International Awards

SXSW Interactive

AICP Shortlist

Communication Arts



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