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I help change how brands are experienced


My work includes helping the MoMA change how they do things, developing an innovation ecosystem for CVS presented at the PSFK Future of Retail conference, and turning Showtime's Dexter into a living story that has since been studied in universities.

I'm often considered a creative hybrid. I combine writing with experience design and business strategy.

My career has rooted me in content and advertising, in creating brands and stories that earn love, and led me to business and innovation consulting, to helping build the business practices that define those brands.

Beside agency and consulting work, I taught at Miami Ad School and organized TEDxDumbo: City2.0, one of more than 60 simultaneous global events to discuss the future of our cities. 

Based in New York, I keep a travel bag packed.





YouTube, MoMA, Land Rover, Showtime, TOMS, Cadillac, Dell, MetLife, US Olympic Committee, E! Entertainment



Where I've worked


Co: Collective NY



Modernista! Boston





Speaker at PSFK: Future of Retail conference

One Show Interactive

Cannes Shortlist Best Scriptwriting

London International Awards

SXSW Interactive

AICP Shortlist

Communication Arts